Just Cause 2 Multiplayer


Just Cause 2 Multiplayer (JC2-MP) is a modification for Just Cause 2. It aims to bring a customizable multiplayer experience to JC2, allowing players and scripters alike to make the most of Just Cause 2's immersive, engaging world.

My involvement as a developer began late 2012; as part of the team, I have undertaken a variety of responsibilities including, but not limited to, development of the client and server, public relations work, community management, documentation, and more.

A project like this encompasses many different fields, and as such I produced a variety of tools to ease development. One of the more notable tools is ProtoD, a compiler designed to accept Protodef-like definitions and produce (de)serialization code for our network architecture.

The JC2-MP client and server are written in C++, while our internal development tools utilize Python and D.



Manifold was a multiplayer project for Kerbal Space Program written in C#. The following features worked to some limited degree:

  • Basic vessel sync between clients
  • In-game chat
  • Kicking players
  • In-game GUI for connecting to servers
  • Universal time sync

KSP updates hampered the project's functionality, and led me to abandon the project. It largely served as a proof of concept; other developers have produced their own functional multiplayer mods in the interim.

Vireio Perception

No longer involved

Vireio Perception is an open-source Direct3D interception driver designed to allow users to play their favourite games in 3D and Oculus Rift compatible formats.

My goal as a developer was to improve compatibility and user experience. On the side, I experimented with implementing Direct3D 10 compatibility; I managed to get side-by-side rendering working, but discovered that implementing stereoscopy would require custom code for each game.

As a result of increasing time demands, I no longer had the time to commit to the active development of the software.

Just Cause 2 Camhack


The Camhack is a program that lets you fly around the world of Just Cause 2 and take screenshots.

Several people took images and videos with the Camhack; some of them can be found here.

I was considering growing it into something larger; that details of that endeavour can be found here.



Cynosure is a basic x86 emulator written in C++. I wrote it as an experiment to find out more about the x86 architecture and understand how it works at the machine code level.

As my first virtual machine / emulator project, I ran into a few surprises and didn't account for many factors. However, it was a good learning exercise that helped my understanding of x86.

After implementing basic floppy reading, I was satisfied with the level of progress. As a result, I deemed the project complete.