Heady House Hunting with D

Several months ago, my family found ourselves in the most tedious of quests: searching for a new house. Our old house was showing all the signs of advanced age: weakened structural integrity, cracks in the walls, failing appliances - and there was only so much we could do to patch around the fundamental issues. “Enough,” said we, “it’s time to go.”

So with high spirits and higher expectations, we plugged in our basic criteria into a real estate website - and then felt the despair rise as hundreds of results flooded in. This simply wouldn’t do! None of us had the time or will to individually appraise over four hundred houses, especially when we’d have to keep looking at new houses as they entered the market.


Ocufabulous: An Oculus Rift DK2 Review

The Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 is Oculus’ latest virtual reality headset available to the “public.” As the name suggests, it exists to allow developers to produce and test experiences for the eventual consumer version.

My own DK2 arrived several weeks ago, giving me the chance to try out several interesting experiences and to start work on my own VR applications. To that end, what follows are my thoughts on the headset and a few of the demos and games I’ve tried out.